Yvan Gaetan Fotso Toguem

After obtaining his baccalaureate degree in life and earth science and Mathematics. Yvan enrolled in Animal Biology at the University of Yaoundé where he obtained my bachelor's degree in 2014 and he obtained his Master 2 in Parasitology in June 2017 with the topic "Morpho-cultural characterization of Phytopythium sp, pathogen associated with pepper decline (Piper nigrum Linné, 1753) in the Penja production basin (Littoral Region) and control trial".

In September 2017, Yvan was appointed as a research assistant at the CRRAN's Laboratory of Biological Control and Applied Microbiology. In this function, he actively participated in several activities including (1) efficacy tests of some microorganism-based formulations (Trichoderma spp. and Bacillus subtilis) against Phytophtora megakarya, causal agent of black pod rot of cocoa, (2) screening of some fungicides in the control of Cocoa Black pod rot in the Central Region of Cameroon, and (3) study of the impact of mirid attacks on the productivity and decline of cocoa tree in South, Cameroon. These various field trips allowed him to see the impact of pesticides on non-target populations in cocoa fields.

Aware that the absence of molecular markers of metabolic resistance makes it difficult to easily and rapidly assess the impacts of resistance, Yvan will be working on identifying these molecular markers of metabolic resistance in the population of Anopheles gambiae in periurban and rural areas of Yaounde, Cameroon.

Yvan hopes that PIIVeC project will give him a new direction in my research career. He will use his time with PIIVeC allow him to perfect his skills and knowledge in the fields of vector-borne diseases and molecular biology. Yvan is also working to obtain a PhD which, he hopes to use to reduce the burden of vector-borne diseases and to train young researchers.