Work package 4

This work package will be led by Rose Oronje (AFIDEP) and Eve Worrall (LSTM). Three staff, with expertise on evidence synthesis (Leslie Choi), knowledge translation (Nurudeen Alhassan, formerly Claire Jenson) and policy analysis (Chikondi Mwendera), have been recruited to work directly on this work package, but RCDFs also contribute directly to work package 4 outputs by participating in or leading systematic reviews and country-level policy analysis. 

  • We strengthen capacity of decision makers to demand and use of evidence and for RCDFs and other researchers to improve the packaging and communication of evidence.
  • We use systematic approaches to conduct high quality systematic reviews of the evidence for vector control interventions, including the cost and effectiveness of existing vector control methods.
  • We conduct policy analyses of novel vector control tools and potential delivery/financing mechanisms to help inform and evaluate policy choices. We aim to increase the ability of countries to influence global policy and financing decisions by building a cadre of African scientists who are able to represent the needs of their countries at the highest levels in international policy making. The strong academic framework and policy linkages underpinning PIIVeC ensure that the research generated targets the correct policy makers in an appropriate format and thus maximises the impact of evidence generated.