Capacity Strengthening


By focusing on strengthening capacity of both individuals and institutions, PIIVeC aims to reinforce the ability of partner countries to sustainably generate evidence to inform vector control strategies.

Individual capacity strengthening

We have established a research career development scheme for our fellows which includes bespoke career development plans.  These career development plans will build on the expertise of the fellow, providing mentorship from experts both at their home institute as well as international partners, opportunities for collaborative problem solving, strategic secondment opportunities, and building mentoring and leadership skills.

Institutional capacity strengthening

The Capacity Research Unit at LSTM is spearheading the institutional capacity strengthening initiative, which will identify and address key gaps in partner institutions’ capacity to support both research and uptake of research findings via the application of an iterative ‘5-step’ approach.

The steps include:

  • Define the goal of the research capacity strengthening activities and the pathway to change by all project stakeholders;
  • Use published evidence to create a benchmark of all the components of research infrastructure and systems needed to achieve the defined goal;
  • Determine existing institutional research capacity and identify gaps against the pre-determined ‘benchmark’;
  • Devise and implement an action plan in consultation with institutional stakeholders to fill the gaps and include progress indicators; and
  • Regularly revise the plan and indicators. The 5-step approach is designed to achieve autonomous, self-sustaining, problem-solving research institutions and systems.