Capacity Strengthening


By focusing on strengthening capacity of both individuals and institutions, PIIVeC aims to reinforce the ability of partner countries to sustainably generate evidence to inform vector control strategies.

Individual capacity strengthening

We have established a research career development scheme for our fellows which includes bespoke career development plans.  These career development plans will build on the expertise of the fellow, providing mentorship from experts both at their home institute as well as international partners, opportunities for collaborative problem solving, strategic secondment opportunities, and building mentoring and leadership skills.

Institutional capacity strengthening

The Centre for Capacity Research at LSTM is spearheading the institutional capacity strengthening initiative, which will identify and address key gaps in partner institutions’ capacity to support both research and uptake of research findings via the application of an iterative ‘5-step’ approach.

After a rapid assessment is undertaken to understand the current capacity requirements, an action plan including strategies for promoting the sustainability of the new capacity is agreed upon and is incorporated into the programme or institution’s routine operations. The robust, but flexible, action plan includes indicators for measuring progress which can be reviewed as the five-step approach is implemented. The Centre for Capacity Research continues to provide support with monitoring the progress and revision of the action plan.The Centre for Capacity Research has developed a five-step approach that identifies the existing capacity, and actions required, to achieve agreed and clearly defined goals. The pathway focuses not only on technical, managerial and financial processes within organisations, but also on the individuals in those organisations. The built-in opportunities for lesson learning and improvement within this approach means that initiatives can be scaled-up and become independently sustainable. The five-step approach is based on evidence from the Centre for Capacity Research's own and other research and has been tested and critiqued in diverse organisational and country settings.


Indicators of success

One of the indicators of achieving our desired outcome of the ability of partner countries to sustainably generate evidence to inform vector control strategies, we track the grant income being awarded to each partner institute. The annual grant income for each partner has shown an increasing trend since the beginning of the PIIVeC programme in 2017, with some partners more than tripling their income. Incorporated in these figures includes independent grants awarded to PIIVeC fellows and early career researchers totaling over £60,000.