What we do

PIIVeC focuses on three main streams of work: individual and institutional capacity strengthening, evidence generation, and knowledge translation.

We are investing in young African and UK-based researchers from multiple disciplines who have the creativity, intellect and determination to make a lasting impact on reducing the burden of vector-borne disease. We will allocate resources to promote cohesion between these researchers to increase opportunities for collaboration between disciplines and between countries. We are also going beyond supporting the individual scientist by strengthening institutional capacity to build a vibrant environment to retain excellent African scientists.

PIIVeC research outputs will lead to evidence-based strategies to tackle multiple vector-borne diseases using the most cost-effective, sustainable and locally appropriate/ acceptable tools. By strengthening the design and implementation of vector control trials we will accelerate the translational pathway. Enhanced surveillance tools, coupled with advanced mapping approaches will transform each country’s ability to plan routine control programmes and respond to outbreaks of vector-borne disease.

To ensure that evidence is used in decision-making, each of our three partner countries will establish multi-sectorial technical vector control advisory groups (TVCAGs) to enhance partnerships between evidence generators and evidence users. In addition, we will ensure that links between researchers and policy makers are strengthened through targeted secondments and clear evidence uptake strategies.