08 Nov 2021

On 20-22 September 2021 the PAMCA Ghana Chapter hosted the Virtual 7th Pan-Africa Mosquito Control Association annual conference and exhibition. This was the principle event for PIIVeC members to disseminate their research and many oral and poster presentations were given on scientific work achieved by the project. Review the recordings and posters from these presentations below.

Poster Presentations

All the posters can be viewed through the photo gallery below. The research presented by PIIVeC members were:

  • Mark Fowler - Flying In-Formation: A Machine Learning Method for Classifying Vector Movement
  • Tiago Canelas - Spatial Targeting of a Household-Based Malaria Control Intervention
  • Calmes Ursain Bouaka - Assessing the tsetse fly microbiome and the potential role of some bacteria taxa in trypanosome establishment
  • Francine Sado - Infestation rates and seasonal distribution of ticks in livestock in Yaoundé’s markets, Cameroon Background
  • Steven Gowelo - Evidence-based tsetse control for elimination of Rhodesian Human African Trypanosomiasis in Malawi
  • Tito Tresor Melachio - Progress towards the tsetse fly control in Campo sleeping sickness focus, South Cameroon
  • Chikondi Mwendera - Strengthening the capacity of researchers and professional organisations to influence regional vector control policies in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the Partnership for Increasing the Impact of Vector Control (PIIVeC) programme
  • Billy Tene - Seasonal dynamics of insecticide resistance in urban malaria vectors