Virtual GIS training

23 Nov 2020

An online mapping training was held online from November 9 to 13. The training targeted the early career researchers (ECRs) and research career development fellows (RCDFs) from PIIVeC partner countries. Fourteen researchers from different institutions, CNRFP, IRSS, MAC, CRID attended the training delivered by the LSTM based postdoc Tiago Canelas.

During the weeklong training, researchers developed skills in disease mapping using QGIS. The outline of the training was:

  • Where to find & how to import spatial data
  • Spatial data cleaning
  • Basic vector and raster symbology
  • Basic vector and raster geoprocesses
  • How to make a publishable map

Students were asked to frequently solve hands-on activities exploring spatial datasets normally used in the field of Public Health & Tropical Medicine. The students explored different land use and land cover within areas around a survey site, calculated precipitation on these areas, and created publishable maps displaying different information in a single map.

Despite some technical difficulties inherent of online teaching, such as internet connectivity or the possibility of following the demonstration at the same time as the teacher, the course achieved the goal to provide the basic skill to these researchers to foster the use of spatial data and mapping in their home institutions. In this workshop the PIIVeC program intended to train the trainers to increase the junior scientist skills (WP2) and improve institutional capacity (WP5).