The institutional research capacity strengthening programme gets underway

10 Dec 2018

The Capacity Research Unit (CRU), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, have now completed the four on-site visits and data collection in support of institutional research capacity strengthening at the National Research and Training Center for Malaria (CNRFP), Health Sciences Research Institute (IRSS) in Burkina Faso, Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases (CRID) in Cameroon and the Malaria Alert Centre (MAC) in Malawi. Justin, Jessica and Pierre from CRU undertook these assessment in collaboration with Innocent, from IRSS. These assessments primarily focused on thematics such as vector control research, institutional support services, training activities for research and external promotion of research.

The assessment team were in each institution very well supported by staff, even enjoying traditional meals, drinks and different environmental setting.

Justin, Jessica and Innocent are now working on the last assessment report for MAC, which will detail a broad array of recommendations for strengthening vector control research capacity in both institutions as well as research management and support systems in support of vector control health research. The finalised reports are now circulating among PIIVeC senior management to inform discussion and decision-making regarding the design and implementation of bespoke institutional vector control research capacity strengthening ‘action plans’. These actions plans will be implemented over the course of the PIIVeC programme and will be closely monitored to, we believe, ensure capacity gains are achieved, recognised and sustained.