PIIVeC Burkina Faso launch event

15 Jun 2018

The event involved short talks from the lead scientists in Burkina Faso (Roch Dabire and Innocent Valea) as well as the leader of the individual capacity strengthening work package (Philip McCall). We took the opportunity to officially introduce the four PIIVeC research career development fellows in Burkina, indicating what they will be working on and expanding their networks. In attendance were the Minister of Health in Burkina Faso, representatives from various other ministries, various media outlets, and representatives of the research community including universities and research institutes.  This high-profile event resulted in newspaper articles and television coverage by one of the local media outlets, increasing visibility to the public. We believe that this event laid a solid foundation on which to build multi-sectoral partnerships in Burkina Faso.

Clip from local television station

PIIVeC begins at 12:10