Launching of vector control using tiny targets in Campo, Cameroon

02 Mar 2020

According to reports, each year about eight new cases of sleeping sickness are reported in Campo, Cameroon. Although some notice the signs early enough and seek treatment, many others die. Tito Melachio is conducting research to evaluate the efficacy of vector control using the Tiny Target to prevent transmission of sleeping sickness in these communities. The Tiny Target is an insecticide impregnated screen that is visually attractive to tsetse flies.  When they come in contact with it, the tsetse flies die, preventing them from biting people or animals in the community.

To kick-start the intervention phase of this project, a launching ceremony was conducted on 14 Jan 2020. The ceremony brought together over sixty (60) participants including local chiefs, government authorities, representatives of National Sleeping sickness Control Programme (NSSCP), PIIVeC representatives, CRID representatives and villagers.

The programme was marked by talks from local chiefs, the Sub-divisional Officer, the Coordinator of the NSSCP, the PIIVeC Country Coordinator, lead researcher Doctor TrĂ©sor Melachio-Tanekou and testimonies from villagers.

The ceremony ended with the planting of the first Tiny Target along the shores of the Ntem River at Campo Beach by the representative of the Sub-divisional Officer.

The event covered by the Cameroon National TV (CRTV) and widely disseminated.